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The Ultimate List of Blocked Toilet Solutions

There are many toilet problems where expert plumbers are the ones we need to call. However, not every situation requires an emergency plumbing solutions. Some modern toilets come with user manuals that homeowners can refer to when encountering an issue. But before anything else, you always have to remember that blocked toilets are emergencies!

We’ve listed some common blocked toilets concerns that homeowners encounter. There are instances when you can temporarily solve them on your own but most blocked toilet problems may require immediate professional help.

The professionals at Sydney Blocked Drains are able to provide you with the best blocked toilet solutions fast and efficiently. 

Common Problems & Blocked Toilet Solutions

blocked toilet solutions

A blocked toilet is a not-very pleasant situation to have. Luckily, there are a range of blocked toilet solutions to help prevent blocked toilets from happening.

Here are some common blocked toilets concerns that you might have encountered or will encounter in the future:

  • Clogged Toilet 

A clogged toilet can be dealt with in a few different ways, but sometimes the most straightforward way is the best. Putting in a good old plunger and lots of elbow grease can do wonders in unclogging your toilet bowl. If you’re having trouble getting the plunger to work effectively, there are some things you can try so it’ll get the job done.

First of all, make sure you immerse the plunger in water before using it. Also, ensure enough water in the bowl for suction to be created. Once the plunger is in place, work it up and down rapidly without pressing too hard against the surface of the toilet bowl. If you have a plunger with a flange on the side of it, place the plastic part over the clog and push firmly to create more power.

If using a plunger doesn’t work, you can try a plumbing device called an auger. It is a long metal spiral that rotates rapidly and dislodges whatever may be causing the blockage. Ensure it is attached securely to your toilet bowl first by screwing it on the ballcock (the white contraption where water enters the toilet bowl). The other end should have a section that you can grip firmly. While facing the front of the toilet bowl, push this down until it is almost to the blockage. Then rotate around until it has released whatever was blocking your toilet.

  • Toilet Leak

A leak outside of the toilet can be a complex problem to resolve, but it should work if you try a few things out. Check the base of your toilet for any water. It may have stagnant water there. Empty it carefully, so you don’t damage anything in your bathroom. If there is very little water on the floor, putting as many paper towels as possible under the toilet to soak up the rest may do the trick.

For a slight leak that minor adjustments can stop, you might find that tightening something around the base of your toilet is enough. If this doesn’t work, one of your valves might need to be repaired by a plumber. If the leak is more constant and seeps out from under your toilet, there might be a crack in the soil pipe. Whether you want to call a plumber or DIY this job will depend on how serious it is and if you can handle it yourself.

  • The toilet does not fill or bowl water level dropped.

You can solve it by adjusting the float arm (the plastic rod at the side of the toilet). It isn’t always easy for everyone to do, but you may find that it’s possible if you’re able to get under 

your sink. If moving the arm doesn’t work, check underneath your toilet for any pipes that might be leaking. It is often the cause, but only something you will know for sure if you check it out yourself.

Inspect your fill valve to ensure it is sitting correctly in place and check to see if there is damage in any way. If damaged, replace it with another valve which you can buy from a home improvement store.

  • Whistling tank on flushing

There is air trapped in the tank. It can be easily cured by jiggling the handle up and down a little after flushing to release this excess air. As the valve ages over time, it deteriorates, which is the leading cause of the whistling sound in toilets. If you find this has already begun to happen, it can be fixed by replacing the fill valve (the part which fills the tank with water).

  • Sluggish flush

If your toilet has trouble flushing, there may be a problem with the way air can get into your tank. If you’re sure that the water level isn’t too high, adjust the overflow tube (this is on top of the tank and often has a handle attached).

You can also try changing out your rubber flapper for a new one, often resolving this problem. If the flapper doesn’t work, you can also clean the inside of your toilet tank where lots of dirt and gunk can accumulate (this is really for experts).

As mentioned earlier, fix toilet concerns as soon as you detect them. If you’re able to, try fixing them yourself! If not, contact a professional plumber. No point in wasting more money by leaving the problem alone. Failure to attend to these common toilet problems in good time will make them develop into something worse that could end up costing you lots of cash.

Reasons Why You Need Expert Blocked Toilet Solutions

  • You’re not sure what the problem is

It is not advisable to wait and see if the blocked toilets or blocked drains will fix themselves. The water in your blocked toilets and blocked drains can stay there for some time without causing any damage, but you should always call a plumber right away if you’re experiencing blocked toilets or blocked drains. 

Knowing what an emergency plumber does will help you determine whether to call the plumber right away. A blocked toilet is one of the most common problems that a secured drains company deals with. Even though you think you can fix it, it’s better to be sure and call an emergency plumber for your plumbing concerns.

  • It is an emergency

Although blocked toilets and drains are not life-threatening problems, they can be inconvenient. If you’re experiencing blocked toilets or blocked drains, calling an emergency plumber is the wisest thing to do.

An emergency plumber can arrive in less than 30 minutes when you call them for blocked toilet or blocked drain problems. An emergency plumber who deals with blocked toilets and drains is also the best person to call when you run into any other blocked drain problems.

Emergency blocked toilets can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time, which means that time really is money. It can be complicated, which means that it is best to hire an emergency plumber instead of trying to fix plumbing problems on your own.

  • You’ve tried everything

You wouldn’t think that blocked toilets and drains would be complicated, but they can actually involve water damage if blocked toilet pipes are not fixed before they cause too much damage.

If your plumbing concerns involve a blocked toilet, blocked bathtub or blocked sink, then a blocked toilet repair service will be able to fix them. However, they can only be set by a secured water repair company.  

In some cases, your blocked toilets and blocked drains cannot be repaired. If this is the case, then a repair service will have to replace blocked toilets and clogged drains.

Do not attempt a DIY fix if you’re not sure what the problem is. An emergency plumber can assess the situation and tell you whether it’s time for blocked toilets or blocked drain fixes.

Professional Blocked Toilet Solutions on call 24/7

There are many reasons to contact a Professional Plumber, but one of the best things about them is that you can be sure they are there when you need them. When you find yourself blocked from your toilet, blocked from a sink or blocked from a bathtub, it’s best to call an emergency plumber. That way you don’t have to deal with the issue and can return to your normal activities.

Take quick action and seek professional blocked toilet solutions! Sydney Blocked Drains offer 24/7 plumbing service. Call us anytime and our professional emergency plumbers will be right at your doorstep in no time.

We are open 24/7!

At Sydney Blocked Drain Solutions are experts at what they do. They consciously follow safety protocols and standards in providing the best and most appropriate blocked toilet solutions solutions for your situation. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.

If you’re experiencing any of the plumbing concerns mentioned above, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

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